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Huckleberry Propane and Oil

Our Review of Huckleberry Propane and Oil

Installing our new Huckleberry Propane Tank

When we first moved in, we purchased the remaining Propane that was in the tank from the previous homeowners. After three unsuccessful attempts calling Energy North, the previous owner’s supplier, to set up our new service and to schedule a delivery, I decided to start fresh with a new company.

Huckleberry Propane and Oil out of Boscawen, NH was our new company of choice. They were extremely friendly and they made becoming a new customer effortless. Within days they came to the house to review our heating and cooking needs. This is when I learned that typically the propane company owns the tank and the homeowners own the fuel within it. The next week, they came out and replaced the tank within a few hours. They were clean, professional, and very tolerant with my inquisitive nature. Both of the Huckleberry Propane tank installers treated our property as if it was their own. Here’s a picture of the old tank that they removed. 

We’ve now had service with Huckleberry Propane for a over six months and I’m very happy with them. If you’re looking to switch propane or oil suppliers, they should be your first and only call. You can find their website HEREBe sure to let them know that you found them through our page.

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